Monday, 18 June 2012

The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse

The Country Mouse and the the Town Mouse A country mouse lived in a field of barley. He made a nest and hung it upon two stalks of barley. The nest was very small and very light. The country mouse ate barley and the roots of other plants. A mouse from the town came to see the country mouse. The town mouse was very quick and clever. His home was in a big house in the town. The country mouse gave the town mouse dinner in the barley field. He brought out the very best barley and roots for the metal. But the town mouse did not enjoy his dinner. “My poor friend,” he said, “in town we have much nicer food than this.
You must come to see where I live. I shall give you all sports of good things to a big mouse. “I live here,” said the town mouse slipped to a small hole in the wall. “That is my front door. Come and see my house.” The town mouse slipped through the hole in the wall. The Country mouse followed. They went into the big room. “This is the drawing room.” Said the town mouse “sometimes I sleep in the cupboard.
We shall eat in the dining room”. They went into another room. There was a long table in it. “Jump up, “said the town mouse. “ You can eat anything you like.” The town mouse climbed up the table leg, and onto the table. The country mouse followed. On the table the country mouse saw plates of bread and butter, jam and honey, and cheese. There was a cake full of currants and raisings and there were different kinds of biscuits. The country mouse took a sip of honey. Then he nibbled a small piece of cake. He had never eaten anything as good as this Suddenly the door opened. The two mice jumped off the table and hit under it. The country mouse was very frightened. A woman came in. She put another cake on the table. She did not see the mice, and she went away After a long time, the town mouse and the country mouse climbed back onto the table, The country mouse began to nibble another piece of cake, Then they heard a dog barking. The dog ran into the room and began to sniff all round the table. The mice hid behind a big cake. The woman came back. “Naughty dog” she said “You mustn’t steal the cakes.” She chased the dog out of the room. The town mouse began to eat again. “We must be hungry,” he said, “I am not afraid if the dog, but there is a cat here too. “Oh no!” the country mouse was running away, “No, thank you”, he said. “I’m going home. I must. This house is too dangerous for me. My house is small, and my food is plain, but I can live in peace and quit.”


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